The Story Gourmet will guide and inspire you to                create meaningful storytelling moments with the        people in your life.

The Story Gourmet is a family-friendly, multimedia experience that combines folktales and recipes using audio, photos and the opportunity for hands-on food preparation. Along with hearing folktales on The Story Gourmet, you will also be able to hear personal family stories (coming soon). We hope The Story Gourmet will inspire new traditions or expand on current traditions that include storytelling, creating lasting memories.

Story Gourmet Hosts

Debbie Weston From is a storytelling Mom who loves to share stories and prepare meals with her children. Many of her fondest childhood memories come from helping her grandmother and great-grandmothers in the kitchen or from sitting around the dining room table, devouring all those delicious stories that family and friends shared. When Debbie was in graduate school studying folklore, she noticed how many folktales included food and the idea of Cook & Tale was born.

Hannah From has been listening to her Mom tell stories for as long as she remembers and enjoys sharing stories with others in her community. Hannah also enjoys creating unique and tasty meals with and for her family.




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